Marketing + Communications

Creating and managing a college website that's functional and engaging. Creating compelling online content. Editing a college alumni magazine that's read and talked about. Tweeting with the best of them. Getting media attention for the good works of faculty and staff. Publicizing campus events. Saint Michael's Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for all of that and more, with the goal of reaching prospective students, parents, alumni and the general public with the story of Saint Michael's College.

We work with members of the Saint Michael's community to manage Saint Michael's image locally, nationally and internationally, strengthen our brand, and create compelling, consistent communications on the web, through social media, print publications and traditional and new media. Our goal is to engage prospective students and their families, alumni, donors and friends with the college in ways that generate positive interest, applications, gifts, pride and support for the college.

In short, the Office of Marketing and Communications uses various means - print, electronic, and face-to-face contact - to advance understanding of Saint Michael's mission of providing education with a social conscience, and producing graduates with the intellectual tools to lead successful, purposeful lives that will contribute to peace and justice in our world.

Web Site Development

Our primary responsibility is the overall design, functionality and content of the Saint Michael's website. Our staff develops new online content, manages the day-to-day functionality and trains campus users on how to use the site.

For queries on web content, contact: Brian MacDonald
For queries on updating the site, contact: Brian MacDonald
To report a broken link, contact: Steve Nelson

Media and Public Relations

We facilitate communication with our community of students, faculty and staff, as well as with alumni, parents, and friends of the College, and with the wider communities of Burlington, Vermont, New England and the nation. We also to connect with the wider higher education community throughout the region and the nation and with the community of Catholic colleges and universities.

College news and events are compiled weekly in "Saint Michael's This Week". To subscribe, sign up here.

A campus calendar is issued monthly, with events repeated weekly in "Saint Michael's This Week". To submit a Saint Michael's event that is open to the public for inclusion on the calendar, contact Mark Tarnacki at 802.654.2795 or

Print Publications

Our department coordinates and develops Saint Michael's major print publications, including Saint Michael’s College Magazine, admission publications and Institutional Advancement/Donor publications. Working with our campus designer, we also develop brochures, posters and newsletters, using a publications management system.

For information about Saint Michael’s College Magazine, contact:

To submit a story idea or class note:

For other editorial/style questions:

Print vendors, please contact:

Social Media

At Saint Michael's, we believe social media's role is to capture our vibrant community, and the many conversations that color it, in the online space and help further the dialogue. The Office of Marketing and Communications, and Assistant Director of Marketing for Social Media Christian Camerota, oversee the college's official social media presence.

If you or your department are interested in utilizing a social networking site, or would like to find out more about how to contribute to or participate in our efforts, please review the options below and contact Christian at or extension 2447. We would like to remind our users, as well, that while we encourage our Facebook community to join in discussions and share information related to Saint Michael’s, we reserve the right to remove any content we deem inappropriate, obscene, or spam.

Our social media platforms include:


We have an eclectic mix of official bloggers at Saint Michael's and work hard to keep it that way. Our bloggers are students, professors, athletes, and professionals. They study abroad, volunteer, innovate and tell stories. In short, they do their best to provide firsthand accounts and advice about life in our community.

Check them out!


Saint Michael's maintains formal accounts on each of these platforms designed to keep users informed of current college events, disseminate important news, gather information and, most importantly, to interact with current and prospective members of our community. In addition, many departments and clubs maintain their own individual profiles, as well.

Find Saint Michael's College on:


YouTube is the most popular online and free video sharing website. YouTube works best for those who have the technical resources to consistently produce good-quality, short videos. Departments that have the resources to produce video can create a playlist within the Saint Michael's channel.


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site, mainly used for professional networking. LinkedIn helps users exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with other professionals. The Saint Michael's community is encouraged to create both groups and jobs for others in the Saint Michael's community. Please contact Allison Sherman,


Flickr is a photo-sharing website and online community. This is an effective tool for programs that have a steady supply of visually distinct events and activities. If you are interested in sharing your photos in these accounts, please contact Allison Sherman, If you have a personal Flickr account, please consider tagging appropriate photos with the official Saint Michael's College hashtag: #smcvt.

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