Residential Programs

As a 100-percent residential college, we make living on campus just as important a learning experience as the curriculum in the classrooms. We connect with students through:

  • Bulletin boards and newsletters: Learn about various topics including Transition, Alcohol, Eating Disorders, Nutrition, and Relationships.
  • Educational Events: We use student input as well as a wellness wheel model to develop program themes which may impact students during their years in college, including Nutrition and Healthy Eating, Behavioral Health, Alcohol and/or Other Drugs, Diversity, and Career Development.
  • Weekend Programming: Weekend Programming allows students on a floor/area to get to know each other on a more personal level, while providing them with fun, alcohol-free activities on Friday and Saturday evenings. Activities include floor dinners, barbecues, hall bowling and mini-golf, as well as the popular midnight grill sessions on the Quad.
  • Floor Visitors: This dialogue program, within the first year areas provides an environment for faculty, staff, and student to talk about academic and community pursuits. These regular meetings during the fall semester are conducted by a faculty member, a staff member, and a Resident Assistant.