Faculty Profile

Christina Chant, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2002  chemistry with a focus on biophysical chemistry
B.S., SUNY College at Plattsburgh, 1996  chemistry and environmental chemistry

Postdoctoral associate, University of Vermont, 2002-2005  structure and function of catalytically-active RNA molecules

TAAP program for alternative licensure in teaching, 2008 middle-level science endorsement

Areas of Expertise:

Protein structure and stability, biophysical chemistry, computational protein design, applications of molecular biology in a protein lab, ribozyme folding and function, environmental chemistry, chemistry education in middle grades, chemistry education for non-science majors

Courses I Teach:

  • General Chemistry I and II
  • General Chemistry I and II labs
  • Liberal Arts Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry II lab
  • Physical Chemistry I
  • Physical Chemistry I lab



Received funding for research project as new faculty member at St. Michael’s College   

Attended the 55th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, Baltimore, MD


Completed online Desire2Learn training course through Clarion University, PA  

Submitted proposed Faculty Development Grant, which was selected by Clarion University for submission to PASSHE-wide grant FPDC   

Received a Venango Professional Development Grant for joining the Biophysics Society and attending their 2011 meeting  

Received a Summer Development Grant for writing a publication based on postdoctoral research


Received a Multidisciplinary Department Professional Development Opportunity Grant for initiation of novel computational protein design research project

Received a Faculty Development Award for initiation of novel cancer research project


Attended the Ribozyme & RNA Catalysis:  International Workshop, Dundee, Scotland, August, 2002


C.M. Kraemer-Pecore, J. Heckman, D. Lambert and J. Burke, "Co(NH3)63+-Induced Photocrosslinks in the Hairpin Ribozyme," manuscript in preparation.

C.M. Chant, “Birth,” Opium Magazine, 23 February, 2009, n. pag., 14 September 2010.

A. Thittai, J-M. Yamal, L.M. Mobbs, C.M. Kraemer-Chant et al, “Axial-Shear Strain Elastography for Breast Lesion Classification: Initial Results from In Vivo Data,” Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, manuscript accepted October 2010.

A. Thittai-Kumar, L.M. Mobbs, C.M. Kraemer-Chant, B.S. Garra and J. Ophir, “Breast tumor classi-fication using axial shear strain elastography: a feasibility study,” Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2008, 53:4809-4823.

R. Righetti, B.S. Garra, L.M. Mobbs, C.M. Kraemer-Chant, J. Ophir and T.A. Krouskop, “The feasi-bility of using poroelastographic techniques for distinguishing between normal and lymphedematous tissues in vivo,” Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2007, 52:6525-6541.

A. Chant and C.M. Kraemer-Pecore (dual first authors), R. Watkin and G. Kneale, "Attachment of a histidine tag to the minimal zinc finger protein of the Aspergillus nidulans gene regulatory protein AreA causes a conformational change at the DNA binding site," Protein Expression and Purification, 2004, 39:152-159.

J.A. Knappenberger, C.M. Kraemer-Pecore and J.T.J. Lecomte, "Insertion of the cytochrome b5 heme-binding loop into an SH3 domain.  Effects on structure and stability, and clues about the cyto-chrome’s architecture," Protein Science, 2004, 13:2899-2908.

C.M. Kraemer-Pecore, J.T.J. Lecomte and J. Desjarlais, "A de novo Redesign of the WW Domain," Protein Science, 2003, 12:2194-2205.

C.M. Kraemer-Pecore, A.M. Wollacott and J. Desjarlais, "Computational Protein Design," Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 5:6:690-695.


C.M. Chant, “Unlocking the Mysteries of Protein Structure and Stability Using Protein Design,” sponsored by Northern New York ACS section and SUNY Plattsburgh, Chemistry Department, presented at State University of New York at Plattsburgh, March 2009.

C.M. Pecore, J. Heckman and J. Burke, "Probing the Metal Ion Specificity of the Folding and Activity of the Hairpin Ribozyme," poster presented at the RiboClub Opening Session, Orford, Québec, September 2004.

C.M. Pecore, D. Lambert, J. Heckman and J. Burke, "pH Dependence of Photochemical Crosslinking in the Hairpin Ribozyme Mediated by Cobalt Hexaammine," poster presented at the Nucleic Acids Gordon Research Conference, Salve Regina, Rhode Island, June 2003 and at the RiboClub Opening Session, Orford, Québec, September 2003.

C.M. Pecore, J. Heckman and J. Burke, "Elucidating the pH Dependence of the Cleavage Kinetics of a Hammerhead Ribozyme Variant," poster presented at the Johns Hopkins Folding Meeting, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, March 2003.

C.M. Kraemer-Pecore and J. Desjarlais, "Redesigning the WW Domain," poster presented at the 15th Symposium of the Protein Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 2001.

C.M. Kraemer-Pecore and J. Desjarlais, "Redesigning the WW Domain," poster presented at the Johns Hopkins Folding Meeting, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, March 2001.

C.M. Kraemer-Pecore and J. Desjarlais, "Sequence Diversity and Structural Specificity in Protein Design," poster presented at the 19th Summer Symposium in Molecular Biology, University Park, Pennsylvania, August 2000.



Earned two ETS Recognitions of Excellence in the General Science and Chemistry PRAXIS II exams


Received Miller Graduate Student Research Award, Graduate Student Travel Award


Received Roberts Graduate Fellowship


Nominated for the Dan Waugh Teaching Award


Received American Institute of Chemists Foundation Award, E. Yale Clarke Endowment Fund Award


I play the viola and piano and am always interested in joining amateur orchestras in the area.

I love to read and can get through a long novel in a day or two.

I love teaching students that chemistry is fun, and I really enjoy the math that comes along with science.

Christina Chant, assistant professor of chemistry, successfully submitted a paper that was accepted to the Journal of Chemical Education.  This paper covers the creation of a new biochemistry lab that is being run in Professor Alayne Schroll’s biochemistry course at Saint Michael’s.  The paper includes three Saint Michael’s alumni who studied biochemistry as co-authors, and is a collaboration with a UVM faculty member.  It also acknowledges several other Saint Michael’s students for their contributions.
(posted November 2016)

Christina Chant, assistant professor of chemistry, presented a poster on the usefulness of first-day assessments to determine math readiness in the general chemistry classroom (co-authored with David Heroux) at the 249th annual national American Chemical Society meeting in Denver, CO in March.
(posted April 2015)

Christina Chant, assistant professor of chemistry, and David Heroux, associate professor of chemistry, co-presented a talk entitled "Perspectives on Assessing Math Readiness for General Chemistry at Three Institutions" at the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education held August 3-7 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

(posted August 2014)

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