Faculty Profile

English Faculty

Greg Delanty, BA

Professor of English

B.A. National University of Ireland 

Areas of Expertise:

Poetry and literature

Courses I Teach:

  • Genres: Poetry
  • Introduction to Literary Studies: Modern American Poetry
  • Irish Literature
  • Poetry workshops

My Saint Michael's:

I am a widely published Irish poet born in Cork, Ireland. I enjoy teaching all of my classes, and consider myself a lucky person to have a job teaching what I love - the reading and writing of poetry. I love teaching because I love poetry.

I like the ethos of the college. I find the Edmundite ethos and in general the liberal arts a healthy way of being in the world and a good way for young people to learn to be in the world for the rest of their lives.

We're the better for understanding through literature how other human beings have lived in the world. In the end, all learning is humility, and students will understand that and it will give them a better chance of understanding the good and bad of life and of adding to society in a positive fashion. We can't overestimate the interconnectedness of things. Literature shows us how to see our own uniqueness, to take off the mundane goggles, to see that no matter how small we are, we're important.

Research Interests:

Poetry, literature. Published poet, books by Oxford University Press

My latest poetry collection is The Blind Stitch (Oxford Series, Carcanet Press and LSU 2002).

Other published works include The Hellbox (Oxford Series, Oxford University Press, 1998), American Wake (Blackstaff/Dufour, 1995), Southward (LSU, 1992), and Cast In The Fire (Dolmen Press, 1986).

My poems have appeared in American, Irish, English, Australian, Japanese, and Argentinean anthologies, including the Norton Introduction to Poetry. I also co-edited Jumping Off Shadows: Selected Irish Poetry (Cork UP, 1995) and The Selected Poems of Patrick Galvin (Cork UP, 1995).

I have read my poems widely and was invited to give a recorded reading at The Library of Congress in 2002.

Greg Delanty, professor of English, made appearances in April, both in Burlington and Montpelier, with a group of writers published by Green Writers Press, a Vermont-based publishing house dedicated to sustainable practices. This press is publisher of Greg’s 2014 book/anthology So Little Time: Words and Images for a World in Climate Crisis, an anthology focusing on nature and our human impact. At PoemCity/Montpelier in the capital’s Kellogg-Hubbard Library, he joined others in reading their work from the book, including Dede Cummings, Ralph Culver, Marjorie Ryerson, Peter Biello. Portions of proceeds of book sales were donated to PoemCity programming and to the environmental group 350Vermont. Greg also appeared at a Green Writers Press celebration on April 17 at Phoenix Books in downtown Burlington that week, when he also read from the So Little Time. Also, while visiting home in Ireland in June, Greg was invited to meet with that country’s president, Michael Higgins, at the president’s residence, since Higgins writes poetry and knew Greg’s work.
(posted August 2014)

Greg Delanty, professor of English, recently had another book, The Greek Anthology Book XVII, published by Carcanet in the United Kingdom. Reviewer Kathryn Gray in the Times Literary Supplement writes of this latest collection of Greg’s poetry: "[Delanty] illuminates greater truths about the world and the politics of living through the ties that bind us." Publicity for the book from the publisher describes its content: “The Greek Anthology is a treasure of the ancient world, sixteen books of poems, amatory, religious, elegiac, and satirical, written over the course of more than a millennium. And now at last the legendary Book XVII has surfaced. As full of poems that are delightfully unlike each other as Books I-XVI, here is a trove. Here, the living and the enduring enjoy one another's playful respect: Kincellas Major, Longlius, Rosanna Daedalus and Clara Kritikos. And among the poets here also is Heanius, who dedicated one of his own poems to another poet to be met in Book XVII, one Gregory of Corkus.  Unprecedented, this collection, in more ways than one. Great company, they speak and sing, thanks to Greg Delanty." Greg says the book will be for sale in the Saint Michael’s bookstore, both hardback and softback, at a reduced price. Also, Greg is reading from another recently-published book that he edited for W. W. Norton, titled The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation. Some of the translators will read with him: Major Jackson (UVM), Jay Parini (Middlebury), Michael Collier (Breadloaf and Middlebury), Dave Cavanagh (Johnson State), Liz Powell (Johnson State), David Barber (Atlantic Monthly). The reading is at 7 p.m. on November 30 at Phoenix Books, Burlington. The softback for The Word Exchange is recently available, and copies of that also are in the bookstore at a reduced price.

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