Faculty Profile

Applied Linguistics Faculty

Dan Evans, PhD

Director, English Language Programs; Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics/TESOL

Bachelor of Journalism, University of Missouri
M.A. and PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Dan started his long career in English language teaching as a Peace Corps volunteer in South Korea in 1971-73 and has been involved in the field ever since.  He is delighted to be able to continue his relationship with Peace Corps by administering two Saint Michael’s programs – Peace Corps Master’s International and Peace Corps Prep.  Before joining the faculty of Saint Michael’s College, he spent 10 years teaching in South Korea and Japan.

Areas of Expertise:

Second-language acquisition theory and methods, attitudes and motivation in second-language learning, acquisition of suprasegmental features of pronunciation, English phonology, and pronunciation teaching.

Courses I Teach:

Theory and Method in Language Teaching
Teaching Oral Skills in ESL/EFL
Practicum II
Peace Corps Orientation Seminar
Various language courses within the English Language Programs

Daniel Evans, associate professor of applied linguistics, was a featured speaker at the Korea TESOL Conference, Oct.4-5 in Seoul, Korea.  His presentation, “The ‘Front Tier’ of Pronunciation:  A Right-side-up Approach,” emphasized the importance of suprasegmental features of pronunciation and incorporated projects created by students of Saint Michael’s College’s Intensive English Program.
(posted December 2014)

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