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James Nagle, PhD

Associate Professor of Education

M.A., Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
J.D. Suffolk University Law School
B.A. Georgetown University

Areas of Expertise:

James is co-director of the Middle Grades Collaborative, a professional development organization serving middle school teachers throughout Vermont.  James also serves as co-editor of the Middle Grades Review, an international, peer-reviewed journal for scholars and practitioners who wish to broaden the discourse of middle grades education in the areas of democratic education, innovation, and social justice.  His research interests are new literacies, personalized learning for students and pre-service  teachers, and professional development learning networks.

Courses I Teach:

  • Academic Literacy in Content Areas
  • Approaches to Teaching in STEM Fields
  • Co-teaching Academic Literacy for STEM Fields
  • Curriculum and Instruction in Middle and High Schools
  • Educator as Researcher
  • Middle School is Not a Building
  • Organization in Middle Schools
  • Proficiency Based Learning in High Schools
  • Student Teaching Seminar in Middle and High Schools
  • Teaming in High Schools

My research and teaching are closely intertwined. Much of my research focuses on teacher collaborative learning. Currently, I am working with middle school and high school teachers as they learn to move away from traditional assessment and grading practices and toward proficiency based assessment and personalized learning.

I recently concluded a five-year, $900,000 grant received from the U.S. Department of Education entitled Project CREATE (Curriculum Reform for the Education of All Teachers of English Language Learners). I have just completed editing a book entitled English Learner Instruction through Collaboration and Inquiry in Teacher Education, which describes different ways in which teachers learn to teach English learners.

Life Off Campus

Outside Saint Michael's I enjoy backcountry telemark skiing, mountain biking and hiking. I also enjoy growing fruits and vegetables and raising chickens and goats on my Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm - Leap Frog Farm.

James Nagle, associate professor in education, launched the inaugural issue of the Middle Grades Review in April. He is co-editor with Penny Bishop of the University of Vermont. The Review is an online journal that encourages a critical perspective within the field of middle grades education and explores issues in democratic education, technology and innovation, and social justice. It invites authors to submit multimedia essays, research reports, and practitioner perspectives that broaden the discourse of middle grades education. You can access the journal by visiting www.middlegradescollaborative.org
(posted April 2015)

James Nagle, associate professor of education, presented a paper with two colleagues from the University of Vermont entitled Middle Grades Students as Teacher Educators in April at the annual conference of the American Education Research Association (AERA) in Philadelphia, PA. James also gave the keynote address on personalized learning and middle level education at the Middle Grades Institute this past June at the University of Vermont.
(posted August 2014)

James Nagle, associate professor of education, had his edited book published in December 2013. English Learner Instruction through Collaboration and Inquiry in Teacher Education describes different ways in which teachers learn to teach English learners. It features collaborative practices between college faculty and public school teachers as they work together to develop innovative English learner programs in elementary, middle and high schools throughout the country. 
(March 2014)

James Nagle, associate professor of education, and Elizabeth O'Dowd, professor of applied linguistics, presented a keynote speech October 25 at the annual conference of the Massachusetts Association for Colleges of Teacher Education, at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA. The talk was entitled "Bridging the Divide: Project CREATE Brings Interdisciplinary Educators into Collaboration for Academic Literacy." It explained the concept and implementation behind the recent five-year federal grant project, CREATE, and demonstrated applications of systemic functional linguistics (SFL) for improving academic literacy. Also, James presented another paper about Project CREATE at the annual conference of the Northern New England Teachers of English for Speakers of Languages (NNETESOL) at the University of Southern Maine on November 9. The paper presentation entitled, Evaluating English Learner Curriculum Reform in a Teacher Education Program, was co-authored by undergraduate mathematics student, Maura O'Riordan, and described the improvement of pre-service teachers at Saint Michael's College instructing English learners in public schools. (November 2013)

James Nagle, associate professor of education, presented two papers in November 2012 at the annual conference of the Association of Middle Level Educators (AMLE) in Portland, OR. The papers were entitled "Co-teaching to enhance science literacy" and "Professional development using the Vermont policy document - Middle school is not a building." In January he co-hosted with Penny Bishop from University of Vermont and Kathleen Brinegar from Johnson State College the Vermont Middle Grades Conference - an annual showcase of middle-level teaching throughout Vermont.

James Nagle, associate professor of education, as co-director of the Vermont Middle Grades Collaborative, hosted the Fifth Annual Middle Grades Conference: Partnering in the Middle on January 14, 2012 at the Davis Center on the UVM campus. The conference showcased effective middle grades practice throughout Vermont. This year over 100 Vermont teachers and teacher educators shared their work from their classroom and schools. The Middle Grades Collaborative also sponsors the Middle Grades Institute, which is a week-long summer professional development retreat for middle level teachers and principals. The other co-director is UVM professor Penny Bishop. The Collaborative consists of faculty from UVM, Johnson State College and Saint Michael's College.

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