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Michael Olson, PhD

Associate Professor of Philosophy

M.A., Ph.D. Emory University
B.A. Boise State University

Areas of Expertise:

I specialize in Ancient and Nineteenth-Century Philosophy.  My interests within these areas include moral psychology, political philosophy and the philosophy of religion. 

Research Interests:

Ancient and Nineteenth-Century Philosophy (moral psychology, political philosophy and the philosophy of religion).

I have published on John Henry Newman and am currently working on Aristotle’s philosophical psychology.

R. Michael Olson, associate professor of philosophy, presented his paper, “Enlargement of Mind: Intellectual Virtue and Moral Apprehension According to John Henry Newman,” at The Association for Core Texts and Courses (ACTC) Twenty-First Annual Conference” in Plymouth, MA, on April 12. His  essay, “The Center of the Circle of Knowledge: Self-Knowledge in Newman’s Idea of a University,” which he presented last fall at The Joint International Conference of the Association française des Amis de Newman and the Newman Association of America in Paris, France, will be published in Études newmaniennes.
(posted April 2015)

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