Faculty Profile

Joan Wry, PhD

Associate Professor of English

B.A. Saint Michael's College
M.A. University of Virginia
Ph.D. McGill University

I teach the American Literature surveys, Literary Studies, and first-year seminars.  I have published papers on Shakespeare, Shelley, Whitman and antebellum women writers.  

Joan Wry, associate professor of English, presented a paper, “’Quiver down, with tufts of tune’: Emily Dickinson’s Palpable Soundscapes,” at the MLA Convention in Austin, TX in January 2016.  Wry recently had a second paper, “Landscapes and Mindscapes:  Deep Mapping in Edward Hitchcock’s Geology and Emily Dickinson’s Poetry,” accepted for the 2017 MLA Convention to be held next January in Philadelphia.
(posted June 2016)

Joan Wry, associate professor of English, presented a paper, "Lydia Sigourney's Fabric Poems and the New England Marketplace," at the PCA/ACA American Culture Association Conference in New Orleans on April 3, 2015.  She also served as Chair of the New England Studies panel for the conference.
(posted April 2015)

Joan Wry, associate professor of English, presented a paper, “Prohibition Bootleggers and 21st Century Drug Dealers: Past and Present Smuggling in the Green Mountain State,” at the April 2014 National Popular Culture Association Conference in Chicago, IL. A second paper, “’That Granitic Base’: Emily Dickinson and the Hitchcocks of Amherst,” was presented in August 2014 at The Dickinson Institute at Amherst College.
(posted August 2014)

Joan Wry, associate professor of English, was named as one of 20 participants for the “Dickinson Institute” to be held in August 2014 at Amherst College. Individuals from Great Britain, Japan, and sixteen American colleges and universities will participate in panel presentations and an exchange of research and scholarship on “Emily Dickinson and other New England Writers.” Wry also has an essay on Margaret Fuller forthcoming in a collection for the second volume of Transatlantic Women Writers to be published in 2015: “Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers in Italy.”  (posted March 2014)

Joan Wry, associate professor of English and former associate dean of the college, presented at two international conferences this summer: In June she presented "Margaret Fuller's 'Raphael's Deposition' and the Tribune Letters: the Mater Dolorosa's Creative and Revolutionary Rites of Passage," a paper presented at the Transatlantic Women II: Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers Abroad conference in Florence, Italy. In August she presented "'In Lands I Never Saw': Emily Dickinson's Alpine Requirements," a paper presented at the Emily Dickinson International Conference in College Park, MD.

Joan Wry, associate dean of the college, has a paper in the current issue of The Explicator: "Perception, Representation, and the 'property in the horizon': Thoreau’s and Emerson's Differing Versions of a Liminal Aesthetic" (70:4, 264-267). Another article, "Emerson, the Genius Tradition, and the Aspirant Poems of Margaret Fuller," was published in The CEA Critic 73.2, 21-33. Joan will be presenting two papers at conferences this spring, the first at the College English Association conference in Savannah, GA, on April 4-7, and the second at the Transatlantic Women Writers II international conference in Florence, Italy on June 6-9.

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