Nicholas Kahm

Nicholas Kahm, PhD

Henry G. Fairbanks Visiting Scholar-in-Residence
Ph.D. The Catholic University of America
M.A. L.A. St. John's College, Annapolis, MD
B.A. The Colorado College

Areas of Expertise

I am a specialist in medieval philosophy and the philosophy of Aquinas. My research interests focus on the ethics, anthropology, and metaphysics of Aquinas. I am also somewhat specialized as a generalist in the history of Western thought, if it is possible to say such a thing.

Courses I Teach

  • Ancient and Medieval Humanities
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Medieval Philosophy
I have recently published a paper on divine providence and chance or randomness in the American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (fall, 2013) entitled "Divine Providence in Aquinas's Commentaries on Aristotle's Physics and Metaphysics, and its Relevance to the Question of Evolution and Creation." I am currently working on two papers: one on Aristotle's and Aquinas's views on the soul and its parts, and another on Aquinas's version of the Aristotelian category quality. I am also writing a book on Aquinas's views on the relation between reason, emotion, and the moral virtues in Aquinas’s ethics and metaphysics.
I love Shakespeare, mountain biking, playing the guitar, and listening to Mozart (preferably not simultaneously). Since moving to Vermont I have very much enjoyed hiking and I look forward to skiing (both alpine and cross country) whenever the winter brings snow.

Nicholas Kahm, the Henry G. Fairbanks Visiting Scholar-in-Residence, has just defended his dissertation (with distinction) on the 22nd of November. Nick also recently presented a paper (at a conference in Houston on Oct. 18) entitled "Aristotle and Aquinas on the Soul and its Parts."