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Career Development Staff

Joanne LaBrake Muehlberger

Director of Internships


If you want a college that allows personal and professional growth, you want Saint Michael's.

What do you like most about teaching/working at Saint Michael's College?

I enjoy working at Saint Mike’s because of our culture. I greatly appreciate the sense of community that exists on this campus. There is an atmosphere of respect that exists on campus that I don’t believe is found other places.

What do you like about Saint Michael's students?

I enjoy the character and personal ethics of so many of our students. I believe they come to Saint Mike’s with this character already formed and we continue to nurture it.

What is your favorite class to teach, and why?

I teach a course called Professional Effectiveness in our MSA program. I love to teach this course because the topics motivate people to grow both personally and professionally.

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