Staff Profile

Jacqueline Murphy '74

Director of Admission, Undergraduate Program

What do you enjoy most about being an admission counselor?

You never know what to expect in your day--there is always something different happening and the constant contact with many different kinds of people is challenging and enjoyable.

Best tip for students coming for a campus visit?

While the tour is a very important aspect of visiting a college, try hard not to make your judgments about a school based solely on the tour guide. Remember, most schools have lots of different kinds of people-some of whom become tour guides and some of whom do not.

Tour guides want to make your visit positive, but they are providing a view of the school through their own prism and it might be quite different from the point of view of another tour guide. Try to speak with other students during each visit to get a wide range of opinions about a place.

Best tip for students applying to Saint Michael's?

Take challenging courses in high school and do well.

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