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MOVE Staff

Heidi St. Peter '96

Assistant Director for Academic Support Services

Step foot on campus and feel why we all love this place. The community, the campus... it's a perfect home away from home.

What do you like most about teaching/working at Saint Michael's College?

I love working at Saint Michael's. When I was in grad school, I worked in our residence halls to help pay for school and after I graduated, I worked in our Alumni and Parent Relations Office. I have just returned to Saint Michael’s after almost 4 years working elsewhere. The community - students, staff and faculty - has always been so warm and inviting... and FUN - coming back here was like coming home.

What do you like about Saint Michael's students?

Saint Michael's students are inspiring! The amount of effort and dedication I see on a daily basis from all the students involved with MOVE is incredible! MOVE operates somewhere between 25-30 programs - all are student-run and student-directed. Each program developed because of student interest - and they continue because of student dedication.

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