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Marilyn Cormier

Director of Government and Community Relations, Secretary of the Board of Trustees

What do like most about working at Saint Michael's?

It is the sheer joy of working with the people who are this amazing community, some of whom have really become extended members of my family. Both of my daughters basically grew up here. They came to Mass with me and had their CCD classes here, and for years I brought them to every event or academic lecture because it's part of my job to be at such events. I've gotten to work in a collaborative way with a great team spirit devoted to doing a job well, first in Academic Affairs and then the president’s office.

What do you like about St. Mike's students?

I mostly work with the senior class. Since I'm an adviser to the Student Association I might have known them for four years by that time. I just love these students. In so many cases we become close with almost a family feel. I love their intelligence and commitment to getting things accomplished. I find our student leaders to be steadfast and devoted to the student body. When they leave it's like they take a little bit of me with them. I watch them grow to be young men and women with their own minds. It's an amazing growth that I see. I love when they keep in touch.

How would you summarize your Saint Michael's experience?

I truly grew up at this college. Having spent my youth halfway around the world in Sri Lanka, I came here with no relative living nearby, so Saint Michael's became my family. I started here just in my mid-20s, about three decades ago so I've had a lifetime of learning from everyone. The Edmundite traditions have come to mean so much to me - they're an amazing group of men.

What’s your favorite campus location and why?

It is where I am every day, Founder's Hall, because of the history of this building, which I surely hope can one day be renovated. The college's beginnings were in this building so there's all this sense of history. I just love that it all started here, all the stories going back to the beginning.

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