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Victoria Barnum '16

What do you like about St. Mike's?

The community feeling was so different from the other schools I visited. The accessibility of everyone here and their willingness to do anything for anyone stands out for me.

What's your favorite class?

My American Literature class, and I was never a fan of American literature, preferring British or more modern works. But the professor, Maura D'Amore, relates so well with us, I love how she structures the class: We had a Moby Dick Trivia Day where we made white-whale sugar cookies and mix-CD's related to whales and oceans along with hand-pressed t-shirts that you could win by answering questions on quotes from book.

Do you have a favorite professor?

It's a tie between Professor D'Amore and Amy Werbel. Taking Amy Werbel's art history class has sparked my interest in pursuing an art history minor. I'm in the Honors Program so the course I'm taking next year is an honors section that's going to have just eight students.

What's your favorite spot on-campus?

When it was really nice out I liked sitting on picnic tables right outside Lyons Hall under the trees where you constantly see friends going by.

In what ways do you engage or give back to the community?

I'm in the Little Sister Program, matched with a six-year-old girl from Winooski. I love seeing her every Monday. She brightens my day. She's so creative and always telling stories. Recently she said her favorite day is when she comes to see me! Through MOVE I picked apples for the food shelf, and I'm a reader at the 7 PM Mass.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to draw, mostly still-lifes. I won awards for drawing in high school. I'm involved in the Residence Hall Association, and helped planned the recent Quidditch Tournament. I'm also in the Random Acts of Kindness Club. I'm also a Student Association rep on the programming committee.

What do you think you want to do with your life?

Museum curator, ideally at the Smithsonian.

20 years from now, what do you think a favorite college memory will be?

The Quidditch Tournament. The teams played really well, we made butterbeer, we stayed up all night thinking of prizes to give the teams, and the response to it was amazing.

What makes you happy?

I'm big on making other people happy.

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