Student Profile

Emily Laughlin '15

Psychology major

What do you like about St. Mike's?

The community - everyone is so nice and it's easy to get involved with things on campus. And I've loved both my dorm rooms. I've made them feel like home and decorated them seasonally.

What's your favorite class?

My social psychology class, because my professor, Jeffrey Adams, is awesome. I also loved my first-year seminar, Off the Grid.

What's your favorite spot on-campus?

I spend a lot of my time in my dorm room. I live in Hamel Hall on North Campus this semester and I like the different atmosphere it offers. It really feels like I go home at the end of the day.

Off Campus?

I go to concerts at the Higher Ground and I spend time on Church Street, shopping, going to dinner, or sitting in Starbucks doing coursework.

What's one thing that's been surprising about St. Mike's?

How welcoming everyone was when I first got here. It inspired me to become a tour guide. No one looks down on you as a first-year student.

What inspires you?

One of my good friends studied abroad in Tanzania.You always think of Europe or maybe Asia for study-abroad, but she went to Africa and could only take whatever she could carry on her back. She's a math major, and it's inspiring to realize there really are so many possible places to go.

What do you do in your spare time?

A lot of singing, on my own and with the Acabellas, the women's a cappella group.

What do you want to do with your life?

I hope to get into counseling and therapy; I'm thinking of working in post-traumatic stress disorder with veterans. I'd like something where helping one person is helping their whole circle of family and friends.

20 years from now, what do you think a favorite college memory will be?

Singing with the Acabellas; I've met some of my best friends through that group.

What makes you happy?

Singing. Even when I get stressed out, I turn on music and just jam to it; it's how I set up my mood for the day: And having people around me makes me happy.That's what I like about college - it gives you a chance to be around your good friends all the time.

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