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Anthony Lopez '16

How did you find out about St. Mike's?

At the time I was working at a grade school, my grade school that I actually went to, and one of my coworkers went to Saint Michael’s. I was looking for colleges to apply to and I wanted to stay in the area. My coworker, she said I needed to come and visit; I thought it was kind of far and I don’t like the cold really, but I finally came and visited.

Why did you choose St. Mike's?

I actually visited every college I applied to. I went to 10 and I just really liked the atmosphere here. I liked how small it was, but not too small; I can meet new friends every day but still have a close enough friend group so that I wasn’t alone at a huge school. I do way better in small classrooms, like, maximum 20 people because I like to meet my professors. I’ve always gone to catholic schools; I like the atmosphere even though I’m not really religious. I just like how it’s calm here all of the time, but I still have a lot of fun. I get involved with a lot of things. It was the perfect match for me when I was looking at the website at all the stuff we offered. I like the MOVE program a lot; I’m still involved in it. I didn’t really know my major when I chose St. Mike’s, so the liberal arts curriculum was important for me because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do.

What would you say is your favorite class?

That’s hard. Still fresh in my mind has to be Professor Bosia’s Food Politics. I love food and I kind of just landed on Political Science as a major because it hits everything I’m interested in. When I took this class it was very interesting to see what goes behind the food we eat. It’s not just like, you go to the grocery store and pick up whatever, there’s a whole story behind every item that we ever eat and don’t eat because of our culture, connected to where you’re from and what you do. It was very interesting to see how he connected food to our everyday lives.

What’s something you’ve learned that has been surprising or inspiring?

I’d have to go to MOVE again. I’ve been on two extended service trips and I think the motto, even though they don’t say it, is we help just because you want to. You’re not helping the people you go help; you’re helping yourself in a way because it’s what you like to do. I like to do community service, hang out and meet new people around different places; if me doing some manual labor for a week is helping these people for their lives, then that makes everything that much better.

In what way do you engage or give back to the community?

I like to get involved on campus other than doing classes, so right now I’m a SOAR coordinator (a Pre-Orientation Weekend) so I’m putting together the program for the first years before orientation. I’m also an Orientation Leader; I’m giving a talk on POW (Pre-Orientation Weekend); I do a million things. I’m involved with Active Minds; it’s one of those things where you help just because you do. I try to help in any way; I’m secretary of student athletics this upcoming year, so I’m hoping to help change some policies about the gym that people aren’t really happy about. So hopefully that will help in a couple ways. I also want to promote more school spirit so I’m trying to get this club started that isn’t official yet, the Krazy Knights; it’s going to be a fan base to support our student athletes, which I think St. Mike’s lacks a little bit.

What do you want to do with your life?

The generic answer I’ve been giving my family is that after college I really want to spread my wings. The last month of college, I think I’m going to apply to jobs all over the country. I don’t really want to be anchored in Vermont or Massachusetts, where I’m from. I want to see what else is out there. I think my Political Science major shows employers that I can read and write and take direction well. With my background in helping set things up and being a coordinator for different jobs, I think that shows I can work with people really well. I think my job preferably would be working with other people, maybe managing something. It’s a vague answer, but basically I don’t want to stay here in the northeast, I want to spread my wings a little bit. And even if that takes me internationally, I’d even be ok with that. I’m fluent in Spanish as well, so it’s not too limiting.

20 years from now, what do you think your favorite memory will be?

I liked orientation week. As soon as we got here, the whistles were going and everyone was running around. Even though it’s not one memory specifically, I think that one week is where I met my best friends; I interacted with people in my grade and not in my grade; I just kind of got a feel for what it was going to be like at St. Mike’s and I loved it. Not that I was never going to be homesick, but orientation week was spectacular enough that I wasn’t like some of my friends back home who already wanted to go home after the first week. Orientation had a huge impact on me; I liked my O-Leaders, I liked my group, and it was just a really fun week to start off a new chapter in my life.

What makes you happy?

Just doing things makes me happy.  I don’t like to be a couch potato, so this summer I’ve been trying to go on a hike each week, and go to the gym and on bike rides every day. I like being outside; that makes me happy. Just breaking out of the norm also makes me happy. The school year can get a little monotonous because you have to go to class every day and go to practice, but during the summer you can shake it up a little bit. Even during the school year, if you try something to shake it up and get out of your comfort zone, I find happiness in that. Even if you don’t like the experience, per say, I think just doing it is already different and that makes me happy.

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