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Hillary Miller '15

Biology major

What do you like about St. Mike's?

I transferred here after one semester at a college that wasn't the right fit and it's been the best experience ever. Everyone's very friendly, and the academics are very strong.

What's your favorite class?

Intro to Anthropology with Adrie Kusserow. Based on that class, I think I'm going to be an anthropology minor.

What's your favorite spot on-campus?

The MOVE office. I'm a CORE team leader, so I spend some time there for that, and find I'm there just for fun, too, since I like being involved with the office.

What's one thing you've learned at St. Mike's that's been surprising?

When I transferred I realized this is the place I need to be. It was surprising to me how different two college experiences could be.

How do you give back to the community?

As a CORE team leader in MOVE, I lead a group that goes weekly to the nearby Chittenden County Correctional Center to play volleyball with inmates. I'm going on an extended service trip to Baltimore the first week in January, and then to Dominican Republic over spring break. I'm also a Student Association rep and a tour guide, and I’m doing the Purple Knight Leadership Academy for varsity athletes.

What do you want to do with your life?

I want to go into public health. I'm thinking of going into the Peace Corps after I graduate.

20 years from now, what do you think your favorite college memory will be?

Just arriving here. When I transferred, I got here a day early so I was just meeting the orientation leaders. They were my first impression of what St. Mike's would be like, and they made a good impression right off the bat.

What makes you happy?

I really like helping others and being involved in MOVE. I want to be involved with it my whole time here.

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