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Peyton O'Connor '15

Biology major

What do you like about St. Mike's?

Life in Vermont is really pleasant. For an active person, the surrounding area opens up more opportunities than just the campus offers. Adventure, fun and learning experiences abound when you're out in nature. I'm a huge skier, and it definitely helps with school that I can take a day, go skiing and then get back for class.

What's your favorite class?

Plant biology class with Professor Mark Lubkowitz. It's entertaining and exciting because he's super-passionate about the material and he makes learning fun.

Do you have a favorite professor?

Professor Lubkowitz; his energy and passion for learning is awesome.

What’s your favorite spot on-campus?

Alliot Dining Hall, because I really love eating and enjoying the sense of community while I get to indulge. With the unlimited meal plan, I can stay as long as I want and see everyone on campus, and food brings people together.

Off Campus?

I'm a huge skier so it's mini "day-cations" whenever I get to go to the mountains. It really helps my mental stability being able to get away for a day or as much as I can.

What's something you've learned at St. Mike's that's been surprising?

The power of sacrifice. If you really work hard at something, it's not always peaches and cream but it pays off.

How do you give back to the community?

I'm a tour guide for Founder's Society and I'm also co-head of the water polo club, so I figure out the financing, the roster and travel. The club was started by my older brother, John. I'm pretty involved in the ski and snowboard club, and next year I'll also be a Teaching Assistant in organic chemistry.

What do you think you want to do with your life?

I'm thinking of going into health care and becoming a chiropractor. I hope to help others achieve their level of health and wellness through some kind of health care.

20 years from now, what do you think a favorite college memory will be?

One super-warm weekend last March, I got to ski during the morning, then go to North Beach and hang out in the afternoon!

What makes you happy?

Feeling as though I'm taking full advantage of the time I'm blessed with. I hate wasting time.

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