Student Profile

Marissa Smith '14

Biochemistry major

What do you like about St. Mike's?

Saint Michael's size provides so many opportunities. I got to work on the chemistry floor for my work-study and I got to know the professors there. That allowed me to get ahead academically.

What's your favorite class?

Biochemistry. Originally I wanted to go to med school, but after I took biochemistry, I want to move toward biomedical research.

What's a favorite Burlington destination?

Muddy Waters downtown. I do my homework, and just sit there and drink coffee and people-watch.

How do you give back to the community?

I work in the chemistry department, setting up the labs and do lab work, but I am also a peer tutor in chemistry, organic chemistry, general chemistry.

Have you had a chance to study abroad?

I've had no chance to study abroad. Maybe in the future. I really want to go somewhere Spanish-speaking because I can speak Spanish fairly well - I took a few Spanish classes here, and took it through high school, so if I had the chance, I'd definitely like to go abroad farther down the road.

What was your summer research project?

Two other interns and I tested water samples from storm water at sites around the Winooski River watershed. It's part of a larger research project for the initiative "Research on Adaptation to Climate Change" that helps public officials trying to plan, and for water quality analysis in general.

What makes you happy?

Succeeding. There's nothing better than going into a really hard class or hard day and coming out knowing you did the absolute best you could and you did really well.

What are you grateful for at St. Mike's?

I'm grateful for the opportunity I got in my work-study in the chemistry department. I've made a lot great relationships with my professors, which would not have been as possible at a bigger school.

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