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Juliana Summers '15

Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts major, Italian minor

What do you like about St. Mike's?

The community. I always feel I'm at home here, like I’m here to live here and be a part of the community. I love our Vermont location, too. Campus is beautiful. It’s a beautiful, beautiful place to be.

What's your favorite class?

Investigative Reporting. It's the class that caters most to what I want to do. I was apprehensive about the workload at first but my professor has been super helpful guiding us through.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

The library lawn, because when it's warmer everyone's out on the lawn listening to music, studying and playing Frisbee, and the children's literature room in the library, because if I’m writing a long paper, I can pick up a children’s book for a short break, then go back to being a real student again.

What's one thing you've learned at St. Mike's that's been inspiring?

You're capable of doing anything here. Before I came to St. Mike's, I didn’t know I could get involved with so many things. The professors and staff and everyone who works here are so helpful making opportunities available to students. You can do anything you want.

In what ways do you engage or give back to the community?

I’m a tour guide and I've been a student blogger the last two years. I also write for the Defender as part of my journalism classes. Editors pitch stories and we take whatever interests us at the time. I'm signed up for an extended service trip to Baltimore over winter break to work in a soup kitchen and homeless shelter.

Have you had an internship?

I interned for a night at the Burlington Free Press on election night; we went to polling places around Burlington, calling in results to the reporters.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to run around campus, through the nature trails or up to North Campus; I like to ski, I've been skiing since I could walk.

What do you want to do with your life?

I knew when I came here that I wanted to major in journalism: My ultimate goal in life is to be a journalist with big- city magazine.

What makes you happy?

I'm just happy when everyone else is happy. When I see someone else smiling, I just go ahead and smile too. And St. Mike's is a very happy campus, so I'm smiling all the time.

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