Student Profile

Nate Hodge '16

What do you like about Saint Mike's?

I like everything. I like a lot of the people and activities going on here, and how it’s not super big so you get to know everybody pretty well.

What's your favorite spot on campus?

I like the field right in front of the library for playing toss or soccer, and I like the gym because I’m a big basketball player and I get into working out a lot. I played intramural basketball last fall and we went undefeated and won the championship.

What's one thing you've learned here at St. Mike's that's been surprising or inspiring?

Living in the dorms with a roommate allowed me to figure out how much of a neat freak I am, and how I like my living space to be orderly.

Summer Research?

Dave Robbins '16 and I are working with prisms, looking for the most efficient models that could be used in DNA labs for various uses. It’s pretty challenging because there’s so many different combinations you can do. I created an algorithm to disprove certain combinations.

Why I like math:

My whole life, I've always loved math. I took AP calculus my junior year of high school. It's always been the class that I don't stress about. Hopefully as I move along, I'll be doing more math. It's been exceptionally enjoyable doing this summer research using my math skills.

What makes you happy?

A lot of things: That after-exercise feeling. Winning makes me very happy – being around good people, and being comfortable in the situation you're in… and just doing good.

What are you grateful for at Saint Michael’s?

I'm grateful for all the great friends I've made in the past year, the great professors, and all the great basketball players I get to play with - there's a little more competition here than just Vermont high school basketball. There's definitely more talent here.

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