Chris King '14

Chris King '14

Chris King '14
Major: Psychology
Hometown: St. Albans, VT

"Once you're informed, you're responsible."

Chris King '14, a psychology major and first-generation college student picked up the phrase from his favorite professor and mentor, Dave Landers.

"It was really important to me that I come [to Saint Michael's] because this psychology program is one of the best – that’s what my high school advisers told me – and the support of alumni and a very generous amount of financial aid made it possible for me," says Chris, who was awarded a Parish Scholarship in St. Albans along with general scholarship aid.

Through Dave Landers and the Psychology department, Chris is currently working at Winooski Middle School in a program for children suffering from emotional disturbances as part of his internship/practicum.  He says his studies have informed him about urgent needs of real people and now he feels responsible to apply what he knows in order to make others' lives better. 

His internship has made him realize he's on the right career path for his personality and interests.

"I like working with the kids and helping them deal with some really awful problems -- I know it's what I want to do, and I'm making connections with other highly qualified professionals as supervisors,"

Saint Michael's has been a good fit socially as well. "I've been so invested in the friends I've made here – my friendships are stronger than any I had before college." Chris is also the vice-president of a resurgent Psychology Club this year.

"It's inspiring to be reminded by my professors that, as we're learning all these skills, my fellow students and I are going to be the next generation of psychologists," he says. "That's why I take it upon myself to make sure I'm informed and know what's going on -- so that I'm ready to make the world a better place."

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