Katie Schutt '14

Katie Schutt '14
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Groveton, NH

Chemistry major, Katie Schutt ’14 is determined to find a cure for breast cancer after losing a grandmother to the disease. Through her research with chemistry professor Shane Lamos ’00, she’s already begun the important work towards that goal. Katie is helping Lamos investigate chemical tags in molecules that can be used to help diagnose, treat and cure the disease. Katie’s hard work ethic and hours in the chemistry lab have paid off. She is a recent applicant and recipient of the prestigious national Goldwater Scholarship for undergraduate science students. An award never received by a Saint Michael’s student before.

Katie’s impressive achievements are a product of her financial aid and scholarships. For without them, she wouldn’t have been able to attend Saint Michael’s in the first place. Katie is deeply grateful for the gift of a college education that alumni and benefactors have made to her, “I’m very thankful for the money I’ve received,” she says. “Without it, I don’t think I’d have been able to consider Saint Michael’s as an option.”

In the spirit of paying her good fortune forward, Katie is very active in helping her peers in the Saint Michael’s Science Department. “What you learn about yourself here is inspiring,” says Katie, whose down-to-earth personality makes her an excellent tutor and active member of the department.

Katie is now applying to top New England doctoral programs in systems biology. “I’m extremely grateful for every opportunity that I’ve had here; the people I’ve met, the people who have helped me along the way, the education that I’ve gotten…there’s not much to not be thankful for.”

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