Maddie Craig 14

Maddie Craig '14
Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Westwood, MA

Maddie Craig ’14 came to Saint Michael’s College to be a varsity swimmer and soon was diving into more than the pool. Early on, Maddie came to know and live the Saint Mike’s idea of community. Like many students at St. Mike’s, Maddie was heavily influenced by the service organization known as MOVE, “It’s something I never thought I’d be doing, but St. Mike’s has led me down that path because of the huge influence that MOVE has on campus.” With MOVE, Maddie discovered her interest in service and volunteerism and made the decision to pursue a degree in Anthropology.

“St. Mike’s has opened my eyes to different opportunities and different learning experiences. From my classes and what I’ve done beyond class, I know a lot more about the world and how people work together, how cultures and the rest of the world work,” says Maddie, a Spanish minor who decided to study abroad for a semester in Peru and interned with a Burlington peace organization, Both experiences were responsible for her broader understanding of her role in the wider world community.

Maddie has also enjoyed the social aspect of Saint Michael’s. “Just getting in the pool and staying active or being with good friends makes me happy.” One of her favorite spots on campus is the Word Garden, located between St. Edmund’s Hall and the McCarthy Arts Center. Students can create poetry or assemble ideas with words etched on rocks. Maddie says it’s a place she can relax and be creative.

“I rave about everything at St. Mike’s,” she says. “I feel that’s similar to a lot of people here – our enthusiasm seems to be a little bit higher than elsewhere.”

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