Jack Downing '15

Jack Downing '15

Jack Downing '15
Major: Political Science and Media Studies Journalism and Digital Arts
Hometown: Ossipee, NH

Like many students, Jack is piecing together his Saint Michael's tuition with a combination of scholarships, loans (public and private), and family contributions. Despite knowing that he'll be paying off loans for many years to come, he believes that Saint Michael's is worth the investment.

What do you like about Saint Michael's?

My favorite aspect of Saint Michael's is the sense of community. There is truly a palpable feeling of togetherness among the students and professors. They are always available for meetings and are willing to go above and beyond to help their students. They want to see us succeed and provide the perfect environment to do so. I also value our classroom size. Too many colleges have packed lecture halls with a standard lecture format. My classes encourage a lively discussion that helps us really dive into the material and find deeper meaning in the texts.

Why is your education here worth the investment?

My education at Saint Michael's is worth the investment because I believe it is turning me into a well-balanced individual. The Liberal Studies Curriculum has forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and take classes that have broadened my horizons and influenced my personal development. My choices for schools were very constricted by price. I had narrowed it down to two schools, St Mike's and my local public university. St. Mikes provided me with more financial aid than my public university. It cost me significantly less to attend a private college, something I never would have considered possible. It is a testament to the generosity of Saint Michael's alumni and their desire to help their fellow Knights.   

Are there any sentiments you want to convey to the alumni who donate to student financial aid at Saint Michael's?

Thank you. I cannot stress this enough. Without you I would not be here. Saint Michael's is providing me with an individualized, rewarding education. I am not a number. My professors and fellow classmates know who I am and what I aspire to be. I am part of a true community and it is all thanks to you.

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