Committee narrows pool to three final candidates

December 7, 2017

Dear Members of the Saint Michael’s College Community,

After much work by the Search Committee, we find ourselves in the fortunate and unprecedented position of having three sitting Presidents as our final candidates. In order to assure the strongest set of experienced candidates, we will be using the representational interviewing process to maintain a higher degree of confidentiality at this time. The candidates would like to meet a broad cross section of our community, while preserving as much of their privacy as is feasible in this day and age.

The committee met with the final candidates and each individual was provided an opportunity to present their qualifications and accomplishments. Topics discussed included the candidates’ views on Saint Michael’s College Catholic mission, enrollment, diversity and inclusion, online learning, fundraising and the liberal arts curriculum, to name but a few of the issues considered. The candidates also discussed their leadership styles as well as their prior experience in dealing with the issues facing college campuses currently. They are all individuals with proven achievements at their own institutions.

We are confident that any one of these finalists would be an inspiring and influential leader both on campus and in the broader community.

In terms of the interview process, we will be working out the details in the next few days, but we intend to form staff, student and faculty committees of eight to twelve individuals to represent their various constituencies. We plan to have the candidates back in the area to meet with representatives from all constituencies in January. Then the Presidential Search Committee will receive and discuss feedback from you before the next Board of Trustees meeting. It is at that Board meeting that Trustees will interview the final candidates and after thoughtful deliberation, select the next President of Saint Michael’s College.

We will be communicating again soon to advise you how the process will proceed. We are pleased to be introducing such strong candidates at this extraordinary time in the history of Saint Michael’s College.

Mary-Kate McKenna
Chair, Board of Trustees and Presidential Search Committee


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