Peer Tutoring Services

Students can seek a tutor in a variety of disciplines at any point throughout the semester by filling out a brief request form and meeting with one of the Peer Tutoring Coordinators.  It is recommended that you seek a tutor early in the semester so you can establish a regular meeting schedule, develop your skills and receive the cumulative and beneficial effects that result from ongoing sessions.

For more information on Peer Tutoring please schedule an appointment.

For tutoring specific to Quantitative Skills (including: all math courses, CS 101, CS 111, EC 205, and PS 216) please contact:

Krisan Geary 
Durick Library 320, Box 393

For all other subject areas contact:
Leslie Turner
Durick Library 321, Box 125

Important Forms:

Peer Tutor Application
Peer Tutor Request Form
Class Schedule Worksheet


In what subjects do you offer tutoring?

We have tutors in Math, Science, Economics, Computer Science, Business, Psychology, and all offered second languages, as well as Religion, Philosophy, and Time Management/Study Skills.

How do I get a tutor?

Fill out Peer Tutor Request form.

How long will it take until I start work with the tutor?

You will usually be matched within a day or two, and can then begin working together right away. You and your tutor will agree upon a schedule for meetings.

What do I need to know about my tutor and our tutoring sessions?

You will meet your tutor in the library for about an hour, once or twice a week.  Please bring specific questions/problems and your course materials, including your assignments and textbooks. Your tutor is trained, paid, and highly qualified in the subject area you need.

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