Currently in the Military?

Active Duty Military Members: Want to get ahead in your academic career? Think summer. Five weeks: July 9 – August 10, 2018

Building off the success of our blended, residential program, the Accelerated Summer College (ASC) is proud to offer a second session that is delivered fully online. Students are able to take one or two courses, earning up to eight credits in five weeks.

We have fully optimized an online delivery system that offers you flexible, anywhere learning. Faculty are continuously supported in developing an online experience and learning community that engages you and ensures your success.

ASC can help you lower the cost of your education by helping you get ahead with credit requirements. Active duty military members are eligible to receive discounted tuition of $250 per credit through ASC. There is also a $100 per class fee for course materials. Active duty members may also qualify for tuition assistance.

Total cost for active duty military members enrolled in one class: $1100.
Total cost for active duty military members enrolled in two classes: $2200.

The discount rate is not available for our Blended/Residential session, which runs May 21-June 29, 2018.

Find out more about your specific branch resources:
Marines/Navy/Coast Guard
Air Force

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Course Program
BU 110: Personal Financial Planning Business Administration; General Core as Quantitative Reasoning requirement
BU 214: Management Business Administration; Information Systems
BU 215: Marketing Business Administration
HI 107: Modern Europe History; International Relations; General Core as a Historical Studies requirement
MA 120: Elementary Statistics Accounting; Business Administration; Environmental Science; Information Systems; Neuroscience; Pre-Pharmacy; Sociology; General Core as Quantitative Reasoning Requirement
MU 247: History of Rock American Studies; Music; General Core as a Historical Studies requirement
PO 245: International Relations International Relations, Political Science; General Core as a Global Issues requirement
PS 101: General Psychology Neuroscience; Pre-Pharmacy; Psychology; General Core as Social Science requirement
PS 110: Lifespan Development Students interested in Pre-Health careers

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