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Accelerated Summer College Programs

Get ahead with the Accelerated Summer College (ASC) in a six-week, eight-credit experience that offers an innovative instructional model to help you get ahead or catch up in your academic career.

  • Combines the best of e-learning technology with face-to-face instruction 
  • Opportunities for professional problem-solving in real world settings
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This innovative summer program for college students runs May 18 - June 26, 2015, with required orientation on May 17, leaving you with over half the summer for your next adventure. Summer courses are a mixture of e-learning derived from major publishers and universities, class meetings, experiential activities, mentorship, and guidance provided by Saint Michael's College faculty. You will also be working closely with others in the community to help solve organizational challenges.

Lowering the cost of your education and providing an avenue to jump ahead are important goals. At an all-inclusive price of $4900, you will work towards eight credits while living in our campus residence halls with students of similar interests. Click here to learn more about the ASC 2015 pricing model.

The program also includes opportunities for recreation and social interactions through our Wilderness Program, volunteer programs, and local cultural offerings.

Saint Michael's College, neighbors Burlington, Vermont, which has been named a top college town in America from Travel and Leisure Magazine. Burlington's known as one of the healthiest, happiest and most appealing cities in the whole country, one that draws 14,000 college students a year. 

Register by May 1 to save your spot!

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Learn more about the Accelerated Summer College: contact or 802.654.2721.

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