Blended Learning Model

One of the key features of the Accelerated Summer College (ASC) program is its blended learning approach, which combines innovative, e-learning tools from major publishers with mentoring, class meetings, experiential activities, and guidance provided by Saint Michael's College faculty. 

The ASC model leverages the best aspects of online learning along with the highly effective “flipped classroom” teaching style, whereby content traditionally delivered by lectures is accessed by students online, so the classroom time is reserved for lively discussion and student interaction.

Using this approach, ASC faculty directly address the primary challenges associated with online learning, such as lower student engagement and course incompletion. Students are actively involved with their instructors and classmates, and the instructor regularly monitors the student’s progress as he or she works in the online learning modules, which can help address any issues early on.

In past ASC sessions, we’ve seen that the program’s high level of student engagement, personal attention from our faculty mentors, regular face-to-face classroom time and experiential learning opportunities can dramatically improve student success.

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