Pi Sigma Alpha

The National Political Science Honor Society

Pi Sigma Alpha was founded in 1920 at the University of Texas for the purpose of supporting faculty and student interest in the study of politics and government. Pi Sigma Alpha is the only recognized honor society in the discipline of political science and is one of the largest constituent members of the Association of College Honor Societies. Currently there are over 680 chapters on college and university campuses in every state of the United States and in Guam, with over 6,000 students joining its ranks each year.

Pi Sigma Alpha seeks to promote excellence in the study of political science through a variety of programs. These programs provide awards, scholarships, and lecture funding, and other benefits for members, chapters, and political scientists and political science programs. The Honor Society also publishes the Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Journal of Politics, which invites submissions from any class or major.

The Saint Michael's chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha is Psi Rho, which was established on campus in 2000. Since that time well over a hundred students have been inducted. The criteria for admission into Psi Rho include: a 3.4 cumulative GPA, a major in Political Science, and a rising junior or senior status.

Over the past several years Psi Rho has organized campus viewings of the U.S. presidential debates; co-sponsored the annual Political Science Department open house; organized a workshop on fair trade conducted by the Peace and Justice Center in Burlington, VT; co-sponsored activities in support of World AIDS Day; and held the annual April induction ceremony, dinner and election of new student officers. Invited speakers at recent dinners have included Rural Vermont Founder and Vermont Progressive candidate for governor, Anthony Pollina, and Vermont author and investigative journalist David Goodman.

For more information, visit Pi Sigma Alpha national site or contact faculty advisor Professor Jeffrey Ayres, jayres@smcvt.edu.

2013 Inductees

Kelsi R. Brett
Peter T. Burgos
Kaitlin D. Geary
Christopher J. LaBranche
Sarah M. Main
Jacob A. Pelletier
Tyler J. Pierson
Madelaine L. Plauche
Amelia R. Seman
McKenzie N. St. Germain
Mary F. Taylor
Kenneth J. Vassallo
Caitlin J. Zeytoonian

2012 Inductees

Katy J. Hahn
Emily L. Dec
Alexander M. Ieronimo
Jeremy M. Carter
Christopher B. Bussiere
Madelena F. Santore
Allison M. Fusco
Colin O. Ellis
Matthew E. Connolly
Michael P. O'Neill
Juliette Gaudier-Jabaut
Kerri A. Mahoney
Trevor J. Madore

2011 Inductees

Nicole M. Ainsworth
Chelsea E. Dixon
Connor E. Foley
Kayleigh M. Gilbert
Nicholas J. Hogan
Greta E. Johnson
Daniel E. Khalaj
Ellen M. Lussier
Alyssa M. Malone
Hilary A. Martin
Emily E. McNally
Anne M. McNeil
Tyler S. Pearl
Christopher D. Santoriello
Carissa M. Tinker
Catherine E. Ward
Nickolaus I. Willard
Eun Bee Yun

2010 Inductees

Kathryn E. Bailey
Ryan C. Beck
Emilee J. Boyle
Caroline W. Bright
Kimberly R. Calabro
Amanda S. Gravelin
Joshua V. Hoxie
Kristin E. King
Nigel J. Kinney
Sarah P. Leighton
Megan M. Plante
Kendal M. Poirier
Mae E. Quilty
Amanda S. Rohdenburg
Kayle H. Schnell
Matthew M. Seklecki
Joan E. Simonds
John J. Spillane
Cassandra L. Varanka
Tobin G. Weltin

2009 Inductees

Julia A. Blakeney-Hayward
Thomas E. Bradley
Kendra M. Corr
Jacqueline M. Curley
Lauren M. Dunn
Alice T. Faucher-Kuhlman
Jolie M. Frechette
Timothy J. Geverd
Alexis M. Keller
Ryan M. LaRochelle
Christine M. O'Halloran
Madison M. Reeve
Catherine E. Welch

2008 Inductees

David J. Besserer
Brendan M. Forbes
Carey T. Vanwormer
Julianne R. Bongiorno
Emily J. Bullis
Kaitlin M. Couillard
Jessica R. Currier 
William M. Danaher
Daniel G. Hock
Ian F. Mazerski
Kelly E. McQuade
Kate E. Mooney
Michael J. Mulligan
Lucas G. Pierce
Michelle R. Roberts
Molly E. Roy
Timothy C. Warren
Gregory R. Ander

2007 Tab Content

Edward M. Berg
Alyssa E. Dawson
Jennifer K. Strashnick
David L. Adams
Marc R. Angelico
Amanda S. Brule
Andrew S. Beeman
Benjamin J. Clark
Katherine P. Downes-Angus
Conor R. Driscoll
Alexander S. Dube
Madeline H. Grandgeorge
Amelia J. Holston
Michelle M. Kayser
Dillon T. Klepetar
Emily J. Laflamme
Amanda L. Prugar
Jerome Parker O'Grady

2006 Inductees

Tyler J. Adkins
Bryan J. Branon
Erin M. Donovan
Ryan J. Flynn
Rebecca D. Hardy
Kevin G. Harutunian
Caitlin R. Haswell
Elizabeth A. Johnson
Aaron R. Kaigle
Shana E. Lothrop
Andrew J. McCusker
Elizabeth I. Sell

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