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Library Liaisons by Subject

If your subject area or department is not specifically listed, please contact Laura Crain (802.654.2388).  See Description of Library Liaison Program for more information.

Library Liaisons
Subject Librarian Phone
American Studies Stacey Knight 802.654.2402
Anthropology Bethany Dietrich 802.654.2410
Applied Linguistics Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
Archives Elizabeth Scott 802.654.2540
Art Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
Astronomy Steve Burks 802.654.2354
Biology Steve Burks 802.654.2354
Browsing Collection Joyce Stowell 802.654.2406
Business Bethany Dietrich 802.654.2410
Chemistry Steve Burks 802.654.2354
Classics Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
Computer Science Steve Burks 802.654.2354
Economics Bethany Dietrich 802.654.2410
Education Kristen Hindes 802.654.2590
English Laura Crain 802.654.2388
Environmental Studies Steve Burks 802.654.2354
Gender Studies Bethany Dietrich 802.654.2410
General Laura Crain 802.654.2388
Geography Steve Burks 802.654.2354
Gifts Laura Crain 802.654.2388
Global Studies Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
History Stacey Knight 802.654.2402
Humanities Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
Intensive English Program Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
Library & Information Sci. Kristen Hindes 802.654.2590
Literature -- Juvenile Kristen Hindes and Sandra Roy 802.654.2590
Mathematics Steve Burks 802.654.2354
Media Studies Mark McAteer 802.654.2403
Medieval Studies John Payne 802.654.2401
Modern Languages Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
Music Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
Peace and Justice Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
Periodicals Laura Crain and Bernadette Jones 802.654.2404
Philosophy Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
Physics Steve Burks 802.654.2354
Political Science Mark McAteer 802.654.2403
Psychology Kristen Hindes 802.654.2590
Reference Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
Religious Studies Elizabeth Scott 802.654.2540
Replacements Laura Crain 802.654.2388
Science Steve Burks 802.654.2354
Serials Laura Crain 802.654.2388
Sociology Bethany Dietrich 802.654.2410
Theater Michele McCaffrey 802.654.2411
Theology Elizabeth Scott 802.654.2540

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