Library Procedures

Identifying and Processing Damaged Books

Depending on use and condition, damaged books may be repaired, discarded, bound, or a new copy purchased to replace the existing copy.

Circulation Staff:

  1. If a book simply needs relabeling, put on "Relabel" shelf in Circulation
  2. If the book is damaged, in the library catalog, change the status of the book to "Damaged"
  3. Take the book to the Acquisitions Department

Collection Services:

  1. Use  "damaged book" bookmark
  2. Scan the item’s barcode and note on the bookmark:

Date item created
Number of historical charges
Date of last transaction
Number of historical browses

Collection Services will determine whether to repair, discard, bind, or purchase a new copy. If a determination is made to bind or repair: Collection Services will bring book to Cataloging Dept and place on "Bindery" bookshelf

Cataloging Dept:

  1. Repair: Cataloging Dept will repair designated books.
  2. Bindery: For books sent to the bindery, Cataloging Dept will change the status in the library catalog to "Bindery".

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