Archives Restrictions on Use of Archival Material

Certain files and papers in the Archives Department may have restrictions on their use. These restrictions are imposed by law in some cases, and in others are the result of an agreement between the donor and Library & Information Services.

Saint Michael's College Archives

In general, most material in the College Archives is not restricted. Access to Saint Michael's College personnel and student records is restricted for 50 years or until the death of the individual(s) named, whichever is shorter. Other materials may be restricted for up to 25 years (or less) depending on the stipulations of the donor.

Society of Saint Edmund Archives
In accordance with the General Chapter resolution, the Society of Saint Edmund Archives are available to responsible researchers, while respecting requirements for confidentiality.  The chief exception to the above is that access to the official personnel files of individual members or former members of the Society of Saint Edmund is restricted until thiry (30) years after the death of the individual.  Administrative officers, in consult with the Archivist, can impose restrictions on the use of other materials for specific periods of time.  The Superior General of the society may grant access to restricted records in extraordinary cases. 

Interested parties may petition the Superior General for access to restricted materials.  The Request must be made in writing, and should state the reason the request is being made.  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis and in consultation with the Archivist and any appropriate administrative officers. 

Finding aids and/or Accession forms identify all restricted materials and stipulations for access and use of them.

For further guidelines on use of the Archives, see the Archives Policy - Statement of Purpose, Services, and Rules for Use.

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