Classrooms / Study Rooms / Media Viewing

The library has 3 classrooms (rooms 111, 115, and 119) that are scheduled by the Registrar.  Rooms 115 and 111 are available for group study on a first-come, first-served basis when there are no classes or meetings scheduled.  L119 houses the Writing Center and is locked when there are no classes or the Writing Center is closed.

Group and Individual Study Rooms
In addition to classrooms 115 and 111, rooms 240 and 113 (Durick's Den) are available for group study.  The library also provides 47 individual study rooms located on the lower level of the library. These rooms are not locked and are available on a first-come, first-served basis only.

Media Viewing
The following rooms provide access to media viewing:
          105       TV / VCR / DVD
          109       VCR
          111       VCR
          113       TV
          115       TV / VCR / DVD
          119       TV / VCR / DVD
          142G     VCR
          142H     VCR / DVD
          142I      DVD
          144       TV / VCR / DVD

The library accepts no responsibility for personal possessions left unattended in these rooms. The Food and Drink and Tobacco Use polices are in effect in these rooms.

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