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The purpose of exhibit space in the Durick Library is to feature materials from the College collections and to support and enhance campus events.

Exhibits in the library are informational and are intended to highlight sources of information on a topic. They do not necessarily imply sponsorship of events or groups, nor do they imply support of particular viewpoints by Saint Michael's College.

Exhibit Locations
Exhibit areas include the glass cases on the main floor and the area on top of the Oversize book shelf on the main floor. Other areas of the library may be utilized with the approval of the Director.

Exhibit Committee
The Exhibit Committee consists of staff who volunteer or are appointed to the committee by the Director. A committee member serves for a minimum of 12 months.

It is the responsibility of the Exhibit Committee to select and schedule exhibits for the library. The Exhibit Committee passes on its scheduled recommendations to the Director for final approval.

1) Selection decisions take into account the library mission, suggestions from SMC students, SMC faculty/staff, SMC sponsored groups, or current issues or events. Requests for exhibits should be submitted in writing with 30 days advance notice. Requests submitted with less than 30 days notice may not be acted upon because of prior scheduling and limited staff time.

2) Annual exhibits will be reviewed for their value as commemorative events. Annual exhibits should differ thematically from year to year.

3) The Exhibit Committee decides which materials will be displayed and is responsible for the signage and literature which might accompany the materials.

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