Instruction Classroom

The primary purpose of the library instruction classroom is to accommodate library instruction sessions provided for faculty and students “on demand.”  SMC librarians schedule library instruction classes in Durick Room 246 by accessing the library instruction classroom calendar in the library public folders.  Requests from non-library staff, including those from IT, are scheduled through Kristen Hindes, Instruction Coordinator.  Regularly scheduled credit courses or department meetings are not considered a primary purpose for Room 246 and will only be considered and accommodated on an individual basis by the Instruction Coordinator. 

Meetings or classes scheduled more than 24 hours in advance of the date may be required to relocate if 246 is requested for an instruction session with a librarian. 

The library is not able to provide technical assistance or trouble-shooting to resolve technology problems with 246 equipment.  To resolve technical problems in 246, please contact the help desk at extension 2020 for assistance.  A campus phone is located in the back of the classroom.

Individuals obtaining permission to use 246 should check-in at the circulation desk.  Individuals should also insure that all equipment and lighting is turned off and the door to 246 locked when exiting.  Please notify the instruction coordinator regarding problems encountered with the equipment or with the classroom space.


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