A patron with a valid SMC ID wishing to rent a locker must bring a $10.00 cash deposit to the Circulation desk.  The patron will be assigned a locker and given a key to that locker.  At the end of each semester a patron must report to the Circulation Desk and,

  1. return the locker key, at which time they will receive their $10 deposit back, or
  2. renew their locker and leave the $10 deposit until the next semester


  1. Library materials are not to be stored in lockers unless they have been charged at the Circulation Desk.
  2. Absolutely no food and drink items are to be stored in the lockers.
  3. Absolutely no dangerous or hazardous materials are to be stored in the lockers.
  4. Renters wishing to keep lockers for more than one semester must make arrangements at the Circulation Desk. Failure to do so will result in the locker will be cleared.  A letter will be sent to the renter to notify them of this action.
  5. LIS reserves the right to inspect lockers and contents as deemed necessary. If unauthorized items (as noted in 1, 2, and 3 above) are found during a locker inspection, those items will be removed and the renter will be notified.
  6. Upon inspection, should there be damage to the locker or a need to replace the lock and the cost is more than the $10.00 deposit, the individual renting the locker will be billed for the additional cost.
  7. Lost Locker Keys: Lost locker keys, must be reported at the Circulation Desk immediately. The renter will forfeit his/her $10.00 deposit to cover the cost of replacing the lock and making new keys. The renter is able to use another locker but must leave a $10.00 deposit for a new locker.
  8. If the renter violates the conditions of this policy they will forfeit their deposit and their locker privileges will be suspended.

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