Overdue Fines and Notification


The library does not charge late fines for books in the general circulating collection. There is, however, a $75.00 replacement charge for lost items.

Materials checked out from the Reserve Room and returned late are fined at a rate of $0.10/minute. Please return or renew materials before the time due to avoid charges.

Due to high demand some specific materials are subject to late fines:

Digital video cameras and recorders...........$5.00/day

Tablet (laptop) computers.........................$5.00/day

Video (DVD and VHS)................................$1.00/day

Interlibrary Loan materials.........................$1.00/day

Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy only. Borrowers are expected to be aware of and abide by the loan periods granted by the library. The absence of an overdue notice is not an acceptable defense for failure to return materials and will not exempt the borrower from any penalties incurred.


Students, Faculty, and Staff

Four e-mail notices are sent prior to billing for replacement of item(s).

Courtesy Notice - A courtesy notice is generated 3 days before an item is due to remind the borrower of the upcoming due date.  This notice allows the borrower to either renew the borrowing period or to return the item on time.

First Notice - The first notice will be produced 7 days after item(s) are due. The notice advises the borrower to return or renew the material. The notices will be produced at the end of each working day.

Second Notice - The second notice will be produced 14 days after the item(s) are due. Again the patron will be advised to return or renew the material.

Final Notice - The third notice will be produced 28 days after the item(s) are due. Again the patron will be advised to return or renew the material and that the item will be assumed lost and billed after 42 days overdue. The patron is also advised that borrowing privileges will be suspended for failure to return or renew the material. Bills are forwarded to the Student Accounts Office for posting 2 weeks after the final notice.

Bill - Bills are sent 42 days after the due date. Replacement charges are $75 per item but may be greater in exceptional instances (e.g. very expensive videos). The system will attach an "Assumed Lost" status to each item billed and library privileges are suspended. If the items are not returned, bills are forwarded to the Student Accounts Office for posting.

Refunds - Library materials that have been billed and paid and subsequently returned will be credited to the individual's account if returned within 90 days of the bill date. Materials returned after 90 days will not be credited as it is assumed the replacement process will have been set in motion. Bills may be appealed to the Associate Director of User Services.

Other Borrowing Classes

Other borrower classes (guest, alumni, area clergy, etc.) will be billed directly and borrowing privileges suspended. Noncooperation with the library in resolving problems may result in permanent revocation of all library privileges.

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