Quiet Study Areas

The library makes every attempt to provide an atmosphere conducive to productive research and study. To this end the library has designated certain areas to be quiet study areas and every effort is made to ensure noise levels are not detrimental to the successful utilization of the facility by all patrons.

The MAIN level of the library is the area of most frequent interaction between the staff and patrons. The functions of the Circulation and Reference departments necessitate continual communication which will have the cumulative effect of raising noise levels. Also located on this level are public computers, printers and  photocopy machines, microform equipment, and library staff offices. A certain degree of noise on this level is therefore inevitable.

The UPPER and LOWER levels are designated as quiet study areas. We ask all patrons to maintain an awareness and consideration of the needs of others and to keep sound levels to a minimum. Anyone bothered by noise should speak to the persons involved. If the problem persists, complaints should to be directed to the Circulation desk and the staff there will make every effort to resolve the problem.

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