If a patron needs an item that is being used by another borrower, the item can be recalled. The original borrower is guaranteed use of the item for a minimum of 21 days. The new due date for the recalled item will be at least 7 days after it is recalled.

To place a recall, the patron must present a valid I.D. card and information about the book needed at the circulation desk. The patron placing the request will be informed about the new due date. After placing the recall it is necessary to place a request against the item. The system will generate a notice to the requestor when the item is returned. THE NAME OF THE ORIGINAL BORROWER IS CONFIDENTIAL AND WILL NOT BE GIVEN OUT.

In special circumstances, i.e. the item is needed for course reserves, the 21 day loan guarantee is waived.

Recalled materials which are not returned on the new due date are fined at $1/day. Materials recalled for course reserves will be fined at $5/day if not returned on the date indicated.

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