Student Employee Responsibilities

The library provides a dynamic and interesting work experience for students. Student employees have a variety of work opportunities and a chance to develop many different skills.

Schedules are determined each semester that allow students to earn all of their grant money. In return, students are responsible for working their assigned hours.  Circulation students’ schedules are set up with the expectation that they work their regular number of hours during exam periods. Arrangements are made with the supervisor to accommodate time for studying and exams.

Students are required to report for work promptly at assigned times and be prepared to begin working immediately.

Students who cannot make it work due to illness should notify their supervisor as soon as possible or have a friend or roommate make the call.

Other Absences/Substitutions
All student workers are advised in advance of their schedule for the entire semester, so there should be no absences (other than illness) without prior approval.  If a circulation student worker is unable to work on a particular day, they must:
     1 – get permission from the supervisor of the shift that will be missed,
     2 – contact co-workers to find a replacement and give the name of that student to the supervisor,
     3 – or if a replacement cannot be found, the student must work or get permission from the
           supervisor to be absent.

Make-up time
Students who need to make up time must arrange this with their supervisor.

A paper timesheet is filled out by all student workers.   Only timesheets that have been filled in, initialed by a supervisor, and signed and dated can be processed for payment.

Annual Raises
Eligible students receive a pay increase at the beginning of their 3rd, 5th, and 7th semesters of working in the library.

Public Contact
Most positions in the library involve some contact with the public.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a polite and helpful manner and to uphold library policies and procedures which are available on the library website.  Students should familiarize themselves with these policies to ensure that information given to patrons is accurate. If there is a problem with a particular patron get assistance from a library staff person.

Under state law, all transactions are private and confidential.  No information about accounts or transactions may be given out for any reason.  If a student receives a request for such information, he/she should notify the supervisor on duty immediately. Any breach of confidentiality may result in immediate termination.

Dress Code
Although there is no specific dress code, students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to their position.

Work Area
Student employees are not permitted to work in unsupervised offices or outside of the normal working hours for their area of employment.  Since normal working hours are different in each department, students should clarify this with her/his supervisor.

Students are not permitted to use offices or office computers for personal work.

If a student is deemed negligent in any of her/his responsibilities, the supervisor will discuss this with the student.  Should the problem persist, warning letters will be issued.  The third (3) warning letter a student receives within one academic year, will be her/his notice of termination from Library and Information Services employment.

Grounds for immediate dismissal include but are not limited to dishonesty, falsifying timesheets, breach of confidentiality or conduct that is unethical or injurious to the college or to members of the college community.

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