Library Student Research Assistants

Working on a research project? Library Research Assistants may be able to help

Description of program: Library student employees with at least two years of experience and appropriate training can be assigned to faculty as short term research assistants.  The goals are both to support faculty research and to provide students with enhanced research skills and experiences.

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Faculty who are working on research projects who would benefit from assistance with tasks such as collecting, entering, or analyzing data, conducting literature reviews, retrieving articles, fact-checking, or helping with index creation may request that a library student employee be assigned to assist them.  Assignments must be clearly defined with a specific task completion outcome. 

Library student research assistants are typically available 1-3 hours per week, for any period from one week up to a month or more if needed.  A faculty member may request a library student research assistant multiple times during the semester as needs arise.

Tasks that are not appropriate for this program include general chores or errands, cleaning, food preparation, etc.  Tasks should directly support research projects, not class preparation.  Copying, scanning, or printing to support research projects (as opposed to class use) may be appropriate, but must comply with copyright laws and guidelines.

Student employees are, of course, students first and foremost.  They may require training, supervision, and monitoring.  The library staff will facilitate these activities as needed.  Once assigned, the work can take place in the library, in a faculty office, a computer lab, or whatever venue the faculty member feels is most conducive to efficient task completion.

Faculty members may request a short term student research assistant in the following ways:

Submit a Request Form.

Or contact Laura Crain ( / 654-2388).  Requests should include:

  • Summary or title of the project
  • Description of the support task needed (please be as specific as possible)
  • List of the skills needed (e.g., proficiency with a particular software tool such as SPSS, or with searching a particular database)
  • Estimate of the total time needed to complete the task
  • Time slots during which you would need the student available if applicable

The faculty member will be asked to fill out a very brief evaluation of the student’s work on the project.



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