Study Abroad and Durick Library

The library would like to help make your study abroad experience as successful as  possible.  To that end, we can offer you assistance before you leave, support while you are abroad, and additional help when you return from your semester or year abroad.

Contact Us

The Reference telephone is 802.654.2405 and may be answered by any of the librarians listed below in addition to other librarians who may be on duty.

Anthony Bassignani: 802.654.2747;
Beth Dietrich: 802.654.2410;
Steve Burks: 802.654.2354; 
Kristen Hindes:  802.654.2590;


The SMC librarians encourage you to talk to a librarian before you leave on your study abroad experience.  We can help you find information on your country including travel guides and maps as well as resources on history, culture, politics, media, language, and customs.  Of particular interest is the online database Global Road Warrior.  We would also like to talk with you about how we can support you while you are studying off-campus.  Before you leave, please familiarize yourself with the Library web pages.  

Country Information

Language Learning Programs

  • Drops
    A free app that offers instruction in 30 languages.
  • Duolingo
    A free app that offers instruction in Spanish, French, Italian, German & Portuguese.

While You're Abroad

You may contact us individually for help by telephone or email or you may call the Reference Desk number.  

You may access all the library databases and online resources while abroad. 

When you click on a database link while off-campus, you will be prompted for your Mikenet username/password.

Online Resources

When You're Back

When you return to Saint Michael's we suggest that you make an appointment with a librarian as soon as you are assigned your senior theses, capstone projects and other major research papers. We can help you begin to create a research strategy and locate appropriate materials.

We also hope that you will come by to show us your photos and tell us your stories!!

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