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HI 103 US History Since 1865

  • Locate encyclopedias and chronologies in the SMC library reference collection

America in the 20th Century, Vol. 1 1900-1909; Vol. 2 1910-1919, etc. (11 volumes): Reference E 169.1.A471

American Decades, 1900-1910, etc. through 1990: (10 volumes): Reference E169.12.A419

American Presidents,  2 volumes: Reference E176.1.A6563

Chronological History of U.S. Foreign Relations, Vol. 1607-1932; Vol. 2 1933-1988; Vol. 3 1989-2000: Reference E183.7.B745

Dictionary of American History,10 volumes: Reference E174.D52

Encyclopedia of American Historical Documents,3 volumes: Reference E173.E54

Encyclopedia of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 3 volumes: Reference E661.E5

Encyclopedia of the Reconstruction Era, 2 volumes: Reference E 668.E53

Encyclopedia of the United States in the Nineteenth Century, 3 volumes: Reference E169.1.E626

Encyclopedia of the Jazz Age, 2 volumes: Reference E784.E53

Gay Nineties in America, a cultural dictionary of the 1890's: Reference E169.1.G26

Great Events From History, Vol. II 1831-1903; Vol. III 1904-1969:  Reference E178.M22

Reader's Companion to American History: Reference E174.R43  

  • Locate books and videos in the SMC library collection

Use keywords

progressivism and "united states"
"progressive era"
"gilded age"
documents and "united states" history"
"chicago worlds fair"
"teddy roosevelt"
"rough riders"
politics and "united states" and nineteenth century
nineteenth century and politics
presidency and "19th century"
women and "19th century"
women's rights and history
suffrage and press
"ku klux klan"
"andrew carnegie"

Use subject headings

Progressivism United States
Progressivism United States Politics
United States History 1865-1898
United States History 1865-1921
World War 1914-1918
World War 1939-1945
United States History 1901-1953
United States history 19th century
United States history 20th century
United States history 21st century
Chicago Worlds Fair
Roosevelt, Theodore
Coolidge, Calvin
depressions 1929

  • Search selected databases for magazine, newspaper, or journal  articles:   

    Academic Search Premier:  searches over 4,000 full text publications including 733 history publications.
    Historical Newspapers: (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post); searches NYT back to approx. 1860.
    Reader's Guide Retrospective: searches magazines as far back as the late 1890's.
    Credo Reference:  searches history encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Use Interlibrary to obtain materials not available at SMC

To request books or articles not located at SMC, use the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services.  Books from other institutions travel to our library through the mail so you will need to start your research ahead of time to take advantage of ILL for books.
Magazine and journal articles may arrive electronically, by means of the UVM courier, or through the mail.  Starting your research ahead of time allows you time to take advantage of materials located outside of SMC.

  • Consider the following search strategies

Step #1: Background information

Locate an encyclopedia article on your selected topic.  Encyclopedias provide background information, present important issues and events, and provide a timeframe and history.  Articles in subject encyclopedias are often signed and written by scholars in the field and provide a bibliography of additional sources.  To locate reference sources on your topic, browse the reference collection E's or see the titles listed above.

Step #2:  Books

Look for books using the SMC online catalog.  Search with the subject headings listed above or with keywords.  If you have started your research several weeks ahead of the due date, you can take advantage of ordering materials from other institutions by searching catalogs such asWorldCat which is a database of worldwide library catalogs and provides links to Interlibrary Loan (ILL). 

Step #4: Full text Databases for Magazine, Journal, and Newspaper Articles

Online electronic databases such as Academic Search Premier contain newspaper, magazine, and journal articles. These databases cover a broad selection of publications, some scholarly and some for a more popular audience.

Step #5:  Scholarly Literature

Search for scholarly articles on your topic by selecting databases such as  America History and Life which provide access to historical publications.

Step #6:  Primary Sources:

Primary sources are valuable resources which provide first hand accounts of historical events and people.  An excellent source for primary research is the New York Times Historical database which searches and provides full text for articles dating back to the 1800's. The Reader's Guide Retrospective is another online database that searches periodicals back to the late 1890's.

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