BU331 Investing

Ref. Librarian: Steve Burks
x-2354 / Office: Library 210

Research Orientation
for BU331

Professor: Xinting Zhen


  • Library Subscription Business Databases
    - Value Line - Standard Edition & MidCap
    - Morningstar

  • Yahoo Finance

  • Online Portfolios (Yahoo / Morningstar)

Wall Street - 1881, Accunet database

ValueLine  - Standard & Midcap: 1700 Large Cap / 1800 Small & Midcap

- 6 simultaneous users at a time - Logoff when done to let other students use it


  1. Company Report
  2. Timeliness of Company
  3. Timeliness of Industry
  4. Beta
  5. Industry Analysis

Portfolio Help

  1. Model Portfolios - Get MODEL PORTFOLIOS - look for the link in the left-hand column of the Value Line page
  2. Summary & Index to create a diverse portfolio. Choose stocks rated highly for : sales growth, cash flow, earnings, dividends, book sale, highest growth etc.
  3. Stock Screening software
  • Small and Mid-Cap Edition® Model Portfolio, consisting of 1800 stocks primarily suited for more aggressive investors
  • Conservative Stocks
  • Highest Dividend Yielding Stocks
  • Biggest “free flow” Cash Generators
  • Widest discounts from Book Value
  • Best/Worst Performing Stocks in the Past 13 Weeks
  • Stocks Ranked 1, 2, and 5 for Performance
  • 25 Largest and Smallest Market-Cap stocks in current issue


Quick Guide

- 3 simultaneous users at a time - Logoff when done to let other students use it

Screeners - Gives you stocks restricted to the investment specifics you set - video tutorial

Portfolio X-Ray --- Analyzes your portfolio to see if investments fit together, is well balanced and how heavily weighted in a particular stock - video tutorial

X-Ray Results - you can compare results of your portfolio vs S&P 500 OR a category YOU decide for your portfolio

Yahoo Finance (Free)

Information for Yahoo Finance provided by Capital IQ

Get: Company Profile, Key Statistics, Analyst Estimates, Analysis Opinion, Competitors

Click to Enlarge

Online Portfolios  - Best Free Portfolio Trackers

Free MorningStar site - http://www.morningstar.com/ 

Set up Portfolio - Allows you to chart your portfolios performance

MY PERFORMANCE - Track Your Portfolio against S&P 500, AND a range of small to large cap criteria


Portfolio X-Ray - (You must use the Library's Morningstar Library Edition, see above). You will have to reenter your portfolio assets in the library's MorningStar edition and it can't be saved.

Yahoo Finance (Free)

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