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EC 410 Senior Seminar

Professor: Reza Ramazani

Citation Guides from the Purdue OWL Writing Center


Country information


World Bank


Principal Global Indicators

UN Data

United National Human Development Index and Reports

Resources for Economists

CIA World factbook 

Background notes

Official Foreign and International Statistical Agencies


Scholarly articles, journals, and databases

Scholarly journals (aka = Peer Reviewed, Primary Journals, Research Journals): common elements

  • Peer Review (Refereed) - Blind, double blind. Other subject specialist review the submitted research for its viability to be published within the journal
  • Follow citation guidelines for citing sources common within that scholastic discipline
  • Place of FIRST published research on a topic
  • Often more than one author, particularly in scientific research
  • Ethics statement - how human and animal subjects are treated within experiments
  • Use research methods tied to the subject discipline. For example Case Studies are often used in the subject area of Management Studies

Scholarly articles: common elements

  • Abstract (summary of article often written by author)
  • Footnotes/References
  • May include survey or study results
  • Discussion based on research and subject expertise
  • Conclusion

Scholarly databases

EconLit with Full Text
Business Source Complete
Social Science Research Network
LexisNexis Academic


Statistical Databases

Statistical Abstract of the United States - 1878 - 2012
Statistical Abstract of the United States - 2013- Present
ProQuest Statistical Insight
World Development Indicators
Consumer Expenditures Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Population Reference Bureau
Nielsen Segmentation and Market Solutions
World Wealth and Income Database


Websites for organizations and government agencies

Population / Demographics

Current Population Survey
Penn World Tables (Center for International Comparisons)
United Nations Development Program  health, poverty, development issues
ChicagoPop Center Research – social demography resources on families, health, poverty, inequality
Economic and Social Development Research and analysis


USDA  The Cost of Raising Children
American’s Children and 
America's children: key national indicators of well-being  
Child Welfare Information Gateway

Criminal Justice / Drug Control

Bureau of Criminal Justice Statistics: Drugs and Crime
Correction Population in the United States, 2010
Census of Jails
Prison Policy Initiative
Federal Bureau of prisons includes a population count for each prison
Office of National Drug Control Policy


Dept of Education
NCES (National Center for Educational Statistics
IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System)


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC Run your own data (tutorial)
Dept of Health and Human Services  
National Center for Health Statistics includes surveys and data, reports, events and a data warehouse
United Nations Development Program  health, poverty, development issues
WHO World Health Organization 


Bureau of Economic Analysis
Economic Census
Economic Indicators   economic indicators from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Census Bureau 

Gasoline prices / Motor Vehicles / Transportation

U.S. Energy Information Administration   also 
National Highway Safety Administration   
Motor vehicle dept by state—eg.  

Natural Resources / Water

World O Meter
Water Policy from International Food Policy Research Institute 
Improved Water Source from WorldBank   
Living Standards Measurement Study  dataset link 


American Statistical Association Statistics in Sports Section


Statistical Accuracy

STATS: Statistical Assessment Service
A nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization devoted to the accurate use of scientific and social research

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