MJD 303 - Nature & Outdoor Writing

How to Approach Research for True-Life Tale of Natural History Assignment

Find Latin name, genus and species, for your subject (if applicable):

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia
REF QL7 .G7813 2003

AccessScience - Bioscience
Bioscience/Plant Science/Zoology

Encyclopedia of Life

Natural History Reference

The Oxford Dictionary of Natural History
REF QH 13 .O9 1985

The Oryx Guide to Natural History 
REF QH 45.2 .B32 1999

Discover Search

Connect your topic search term with Boolean term AND "natural history".

ex. "apis mellifera" AND "natural history"

Use additional terms to target your search - Advanced search will help you build these complex searches.

ex. "moose" AND "natural history" AND "northeastern states"

Mine the good sources you find for additional sources

Often the best way to find additional sources is to use the bibliography or works cited of a book or article you found that was on target for your research topic.  Once you have a citation you can use the Book Search or Journal Finder to locate sources in the library. 

Tips for writing an annotation

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