Jacqueline Duane '09

Major: Biology

Minors: Environmental Studies

Graduate degree: Masters in Education, Lesley University; Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Content Literacy, Lesley University

What do you do for a living?

I am a sixth grade science teacher in the Salem School District. I teach 100 sixth graders life science and reading courses.

How did your experience at Saint Michael's help prepare you for your career?

The depth and breadth of science courses I took at SMC helped prepare me to teach multiple different kinds of science for students grade 5-12. This helped tremendously in taking the Praxis tests in preparation to teach, as I knew I had a solid understanding of science concepts. I have confidence in my understanding of the material that I present and my ability explain them in a way that students of all abilities can understand. Most of all SMC gave me an excellent experience and a passion for science. SMC believes in "learning science by doing science" which has been the motto that I bring into my science classroom.

What is your favorite memory from your time at St. Mike's?

There are so many wonderful memories - Professor Hope's population ecology course that took field trips was such a great experience. Of course my summer research with EPSCoR and Professor McCabe was instrumental in solidifying my choice to teach.

Do you have any advice for students at St. Mike's?

Science teachers are in GREAT demand and there are many pathways to teaching that are not tied to double majoring. It is a very rewarding career!

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