Biology in Three

The Biology program at Saint Michael's, one of our most popular areas of study, allows you to get personalized attention and guidance from faculty while studying a wide-variety of topics. Through our Degree in Three program, you could take everything from Neurobiology to Tropical Ecology, Animal Behavior, Genetics, Evolution and more and still earn your degree in three years.

Those interested in studying Biology will get the benefit of a research-intensive, competitive education with personalized attention and small class sizes, all while saving time and money by completing a degree in three years!

Here is an example of what a schedule could look like in order for you to graduate with a Biology degree in three years; individual paths may vary:

Degree in Three

First Year
1st Fall 1st Spring 1st Summer
BI 151 - Introduction to Ecology and Evolution BI 153 - Introductory Cell Biology and Genetics Global Issues LSC
CH 110 - General Chemistry I CH 117 - Organic Chemistry I Historical Studies LSC
MA 150 - Calculus I MA 160 - Calculus II Artistic Experience LSC
First Year Seminar Religious Studies LSC* Elective
Second Year
2nd Fall 2nd Spring 2nd Summer
BI 205 - Communications in the Biological Sciences Biology upper level course Literary Studies LSC
CH 207 - Organic Chemistry II Biology upper level course Social and Institutional LSC
Biology upper level course Foreign Language II Elective
Foreign Language I Elective
Third Year
3rd Fall 3rd Spring  
Biology upper level course BI 410 - Senior Seminar  
Biology upper level course Biology upper level course  
PH 103 - Introduction to Philosophy Religious Studies/Philosophy LSC  
Elective Elective  

* LSC stands for Liberal Studies Curriculum. Learn more about the LSC requirements here

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